Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nouvelle Adresse de Courriel/ New Email Address

Dernières Nouvelles/ Last News

 Permit: check
 Monday evening classes: check

 Saturday morning classes: check

 Our schedule for classes are complete, lots of choices to

 train, see you at the Dojo!

 Permis: fait

 Cours du lundi soir: fait

 Cours du samedi matin: fait

 Notre horaire de cours est complet,

 Plusieurs choix de cours disponibles.

 On vous voit au dojo!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shigenobu Nakano 1926-2012

Sensei Watanabe wants to deliver the sad news that our distinguished overseas director Sensei Nakano has passed on.

There have only been a handful of student who have had the privilege of visiting the Dojo and meeting Sensei Nakano, I envy you.

Rest in peace Sensei Nakano.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Training Schedule

Hello fellow Karatekas,
Hope everyone is doing fine. There are some minor changes with respect to the Monday schedule. Firstly, the afternoon class will begin at  12h00 instead of 12h30. Also, for Monday evenings, it has been proposed that we should have a free training class on Monday’s if there is a black belt present then they have the prerogative to teach but Monday’s will be a free class to practice your katas, fighting and improve on your weaknesses, and you do have some, I’ve seen some!!! I would suggest that if you decide to go on Monday evening, then maybe send out a general alert to see if there are some interested parties, or you can train solo.
Thank you and;
“ A Black Belt is a White Belt that never quit”

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Regular Training Is Back.

Hello fellow Karatekas,
Firstly, Happy New Year to all and I hope 2012 brings you joy, love, and health with regular training. I am unsure if some of you have been at the Dojo, I had to miss this year’s Jan. 1st training due to some slight food poisoning.
I am simply sending this message to inform everyone that regular training is back and the schedule is as usual, until Sensei returns from Japan the senior Black Belts will take the teaching duties. I will be there tonight, please try to join me and be gentle, I am in the worst shape of my life.... Until then...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy New Year from Sensei Watanabe

Hello dear friends and colleagues,

I hope you are all doing very well and have nice projects on this very special time of the year. Few words to let you know that I have had the great pleasure and honor to speak to Watanabe Sensei on december 24th. Sensei was doing fine after a safe and good journey back to Fukuoka. He has nearly completely recuperated of the jetlag.

The weather in Kukuoka was not too cold but humidity is all around. He hopes to be able to visit his Sensei around the end of the month. You may remember that he was not able to do so last year for his sensei was very sick and was in hospital and did refuse.  

Sensei is quite busy and the day I spoke to him, he had a supper planned with former karateka colleagues. Sensei asked me to send to all of you his best regards and good wishes for a Happy New Year !!!

I will send you other news and updates following my next call to Sensei ¨ to all of you my good friends and karateka colleagues. To those who will train on January 1st, I say  ''See you then''. To the others I  say ''

See you very  soon ''
Very truly yours, HAI

Friday, November 25, 2011

MKC Christmas Get-Together.

Hello fellow karatekas,
How time flies! The holidays are approaching and so comes our annual Christmas get-together. The event is on Dec.16, 2011. At the Dojo 2195 Fleury. There will a class and following a hard and tough workout we will celebrate. Everyone is encouraged to contribute and bring your favorite munchies! The invitation is extended to our Norwegian comrades! Skål !!!
See you all soon,